2019 hasn’t come to an end yet but I feel like so many things had happened this year. Like SO MANY FREAKING THINGS. It is not the most challenging year tho I can say it is one of the most challenging years (u get it?) and it sucks but hey you gotta move on, right? I was not expecting my life to be smooth because that’s just pointless. I mean, your life will never be easy. That’s the truth. 

But the thing is, those that had happened to me, were unexpected at all but somehow I feel like this is part of fasa dewasa, whatever that you guys called. Am I stressed? yes. Can I handle it? I guess so but sometimes all of a sudden my mind is like, banyak benda tau dia nak fikir because benda yang buat I stress ni, it hit me macam papapapap. It’s not just from one person. 

Maybe because sekarang pun nak kata busy dengan study, tak ada juga. Buat-buat busy je. So that’s why pun I had time to think about all of that. They consumed my mind, time and energy actually. I just hope that, Allah will give me ease to think about it, bagi ketenangan hati and jiwa because for me, orang yang paling kaya bukanlah yang banyak duit, banyak harta tapi orang yang paling kaya adalah orang yang boleh bersabar and tenang bila menghadapai sesuatu situasi.