Why not be you?

Beauty is boundless. Sometimes, we find ourselves hideous, ugly, fatty-looking, in all terms of being not pretty. But do we actually comfort ourselves and regularly persuade the mind of yours that you are actually beautiful? Have you do so?

Having thin, silky legs, curled up lashes, moisturized lips, smooth long hair, deep blue eyes don’t make you any prettier if you have to splurge thousand dollars to change what you have own, that nobody else does. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; if you wanna live with the social beauty standard as mentioned, I’ll let you be. But that just makes your lives more poignant and pathetic. You are living to what becoming mainstreams.

Beauty is to accept what you are. That’s just more than beauty, it’s a gift. Not everyone can do so. Everybody is trying to become everybody else but not themselves. Look into yourselves in the mirror, smile and say ‘Good morning, beautiful’ with a little grin. Pose a little, if you suppose. You might look like a self-obsessed person but sometimes our mind needs compliments, if not from your circle, it’s from you because you are what you are. Trust me, by telling yourself pretty every single day, will turn you into one. I’ve been wondering all my life; is there a person living up to their dreams? I am sure there are, but most girls nowadays are none except for becoming less and less f=of what they supposed to be at their ages. Sick, right?

You do not have to limit your view towards the criteria of beauty as being doll-like figure- that’s just a part of it that has became the major dominancy in our society. Beauty is a whole lot bigger than we think. Being nice, warm-hearted, kind is also a part of beauty. Then what else the title Miss Universe for? They account for their attitudes and sacrifice and not only for being pretty. There’s never a limit to becoming one, thus do not create one. You are currently living in a world of uniques and miracles.

So why wait ? Buy a big ass mirror and start telling yourself, “Hello beautiful” and insert a little wink 😉